• 100% organic ceremonial grade matcha tea
Only True Tea Drinkers Drink Matcha Tea

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Only true tea drinkers drink matcha tea

I’m like green tea… but special

I’m handpicked from the beautiful Tianmu Mount of East China, did you know the vast majority of matcha actually origiantes from China? After growing during the spring in the shade I am ground into a fine green powder, and ready to be drank, eaten or rubbed onto your skin! Did you also know that the brighter the matcha powder the better the qualiy? Guess what… Plain&Simple is vibrant green.

Better yet, as I’m in powder form, you absorb all of the goodness, 10 times more than normal green tea to be precise…

So what are the benefits?

Steady energy release over to day with no crashes. I’m Filled with antioxidants and contains 137 time more EGCG that regular green tea Boost your metabolism – great for losing weight Clear your head – matcha has positive effects on mood, memory and focus

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