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Matcha Energy balls:

Makes 20 small balls, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, raw, good source of protein and delicious!


180g cashews

200g soft dates (if yours aren’t soft, cover with boiling water and let sit for 10 minutes and then drain)

2 tablespoons Plain&Simple Matcha powder

100g unsweetened desiccated coconut, plus extra to roll the balls in

2 tablespoons raw coconut oil

½ teaspoon vanilla essence (or powder)

How to

Simple add all the ingredients in to a food processor and blend until smooth. You may need to stop and scrape the sides down occasionally. The mixture should have some nutty pieces left but should hold together when squeezed.

Roll into balls and then roll in the extra desiccated coconut.

Place in the fridge to firm up.

These will keep for a week or longer in the fridge and can be frozen for 3 months and defrosted. They taste better when they’ve had time to come back to room temperature so take the energy balls out of the fridge 20 minutes or so before enjoying!

These are great pre-work-out fuel or as an afternoon pick me up. They’ll really get you going without spiking your blood sugar levels and the Matcha will keep you focused!

By Amy Lanza
Instagram: Amy_Lanza_1

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