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How does matcha make you feel?

matcha tea

When you drink a cup of matcha, you will notice that your awareness improves, which is great from when you’ve got an important work deadline, to when you’re meditating on the top of mount fuji with the zen Buddhist monks.

The caffeine coupled with the L-theanine will also give you a sustained energy boost to help you stay attentive whilst not having spikes of energy than feeling exhausted afterward.

This can be especially useful for creatives who thrive on mental clarity and ‘get in the zone’ for long periods of time to reach those eureka! moments.

If you’re a love of the ceremonial aspect of matcha tea, carefully spooning out a gram of matcha into your Japanese bowl, the then gently stir it with a bamboo whisk and warm water, you will most certainly feel calm, relaxed and at peace. The communal aspect of matcha tea ceremony is the most important part for some, enhancing the meditative state that monks still use today.

All in all, this green precious powder has its place dating back thousands of years, fast forwarding all the way to 2016. Everyone needs energy, to feel calm and the feel relaxed, matcha helps support all of these feelings, whilst tasting delicious at the same time.


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